Doctors for the Family

There are many organisations in Australia and internationally that support marriage – the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others – as the basis for family and a healthy society.

Doctors for the Family is a supporting medical organisation to highlight the health aspects of marriage and family and ensure a healthy future for our children.

Its purpose is to be a source of information and at times make representation to parliament or appropriate organisations to ensure policies that enhance and preserve the health and future of our nation.



Submission to Senate Inquiry re Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010

28 March 2012 can be found under News or at submission 229 at

The Submission of 19 December 2012 to the Senate – Submission no.241 – re

Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 is found at

also see news

Definition of Marriage

Doctors are invited to "sign-in" on the marriage statement.

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